So with one daughter heading into middle school I decided to have “the talk”. Everybody has experiences with their parents that are either positive or negative. Let’s just say my 5 minute conversation on the subject wasn’t something to be passed down and I resolved at an early age to do better. I refuse to let my kid’s sexual education come from her classmates or YouTube.

FIRST THING – just HAVE the talk. Don’t be afraid to say something wrong…. or let fear scare you out of having the conversation. At 10 I’m sure that I’ll be surprised by what she knows already. My hope is to separate the truth from the false and continue to expand my ability to have honest conversations with my kids.

First move – I’m going to tell her that we’re going to have a conversation about sex. I’m going to let her know that it’s probably going to be several conversations. I’m going to try and keep the first conversation short and pretty much answer her questions. I don’t want to attack her for 3 hours with diagrams and flip charts. I feel like breaking the ice on the subject will ease any anxiety she might have and give her a chance to form additional questions.

The other thing I’m trying to explain is their is a emotional side to sex also. Especially in the fact that boys and girls think about this things differently. This includes our values when it comes to sex and what we feel is wrong or right.

The Internet’s impact in shaping a child’s mind with regards to sex is HUGE. ¬†She can literally pick up her tablet and type in “sex” and come up with any one of a million websites.

You will never be able to restrict access to everything relating to sex. The moment you try to do this your child will push back or find a way to access this information. This is natural. Just begin a conversation about some of the basic dos and don’ts relating to sharing information with others especially when it comes to your child online. Remember, once it’s out there their is no taking it back.

I’ll let you know how it goes ūüôā

Hilarious videos about “The Talk”
Interesting video about the basics and how to explain it
“What’s happening to me” – Book for 9-12 year old
Resource for diagrams – Click on Sexual Health – Girls or Boys – Reproductive Systems


As a youth my parents had my sister and I involved in a bunch of sports, both team and individual. This spring made a bargain with my daughter. She would play golf this summer and I would let her pick another activity to try during the spring. She chose softball.
IT WAS A WINNER: She managed to get onto recreational league team for about $200 and played in 19 games total over a period of 1.5 months. Our team was undefeated during the regular season. Awesome first experience!
WE’RE CLOSER NOW: $200 is not enough for the time I was able to spend with her. It’s not all flowers and lollipops because she knows everything already, RIGHT! However, we would go to the park and I would work with her in batting practice and fielding using my experience from youth league play. This means time with her one-on-one. We talked about issues outside of softball all the time. I got to have a deeper understanding of my daughter.
ON THE CHEAP: I got a glove and bat at Play It Again Sports for $30. Helmet at Goodwill for $4. Two pairs of baseball pants at Tadpoles for $12. I scored some new Nike cleats at Dicks for $20. All-in-all it saved me about $150.
BEST LESSON: We got into a deep conversation about what a good teammate is. She understands that you have to occasionally prop teammates up when they get down. Continue to encourage them and don’t put them down when they stumble. Remind them it’s not how many times you get knocked down – It’s how many times you dust yourself off and get back up.
SECOND LESSON:¬† There aren’t scholarships given to kids playing 10 year old softball. ¬†Take it easy on your kids, coaches and umps. ¬†Encourage them to have fun. ¬†It’s a GAME!


I want to EAT my baby

I seriously want to eat my baby.  Just serve mine up with some whip cream and strawberries.  So gobble that little one up, because here is what they think is actually happening.
There is an actual neurological reaction to the smell a baby produces called “cuteness aggression”.¬† Cuteness aggression is defined as, “the urge to squeeze, scream, or “die” over someone or something so¬†cute¬†you can barely stand it.”
This smell triggers the rewards center in your brain.  How do these triggers work?
“the reward system identifies a target and causes the brain to release dopamine. This makes the brain believe it will get happiness or pleasure from what you’re craving. “
So here is where things get bizarre. “Dopamine is released, and that makes us feel good. But interestingly, this process also is involved when we act out on aggressive tendencies.”
What it’s saying is dopamine is released and people get confused as whether this is a pleasurable or aggressive situation.¬† Our body and mind is torn between whether or not to act aggressively or not towards the object that is causing the confusion.¬† That is why you want to bite it while at the same time loving it.
Here’s some other articles on it for your reading pleasure:


Own your own business

So I had a customer come in the other day talking about how her husband was graduating from Life College soon. The question was whether or not he should take a position with a established business or open his own. Here is a simple way to think of it….

It’s like having a baby.

How so? Remember when you were pregnant and thought you knew everything there was to know about babies. You read the books and everything online. You bought all the necessary baby stuff. You talked to everyone you knew about the in’s and out’s. YOU HAD IT DOWN!

Then you had the baby and realized you didn’t know anything. There is soooooo much that you didn’t know till you actually had a baby. There is no substitute for the experience.

Same thing with starting your own business. Here’s a simple one. How do you calculate rent on a space that you want to lease for a business? Take the (square footage) x (dollar per square foot) / (12 months).

2000 sq ft x $20 sq ft /12 months = $3,333 per month

Simple right? Here are some of the things we didn’t calculate. CAM = another $200-$400 month. Is the CAM (Common Area Maintenance) capped? Term of the lease (3-100 years?). How much does it escalate over the term of the lease? Does it carry a percentage rent clause? Tenant improvement allowance? Build out allowance? Personally guarantee needed? HVAC clause for A/C Heating?

This only scratches the surface of the LEASE. This doesn’t even hit any other aspects of owning your own business.

What I tried to tell our dear chiropractic friend was simply this….. Take the time to work in a privately owned business in a industry you’re trying to get into. Treat it like your own and try to make IT successful. Absorb everything that comes your way and then you’ll be better prepared for your first attempt.

Hope this helps and you have fun with your first baby.. I mean business.