Tadpoles Buying Times

Tuesdays 9- 3
Wednesdays 9 - 3
Thursdays 9 - 3
Fridays 9 - 3
Saturdays 9 - 3

No appointment needed. For same day service, the earlier the better. We cannot guarantee same day service.

For liability reasons, we cannot accept items in trash bags.

What Do We Buy?

Childrens sizes Preemie to 16 and all sizes Maternity
Childrens Shoes
Toys, Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, Furniture, etc.
DVDs, Books, unopened diapers, exersaucers, bouncy seats, etc.
Almost anything you can think of for babies & children!

Car seats must be no more than 5 years old and can not have been in an accident. There should be a date sticker on your car seat.

We're NOT accepting the following:

Items in Trash Bags
Crib Sets
VHS tapes
Breast Pumps
Recalled items (check items at We Make It Safer)

How to bring in your clothes and gear:


Freshly laundered and "rack ready".
Zippers zipped, snaps snapped, buttons buttoned.
Laid flat (not folded) in a laundry basket or plastic tub with outfits together, if applicable.
Please iron or steam any items that are excessively wrinkled.


Should be clean, fabric pieces spot cleaned or laundered.
Strong batteries (if applicable).
Fully assembled. Please be prepared to assemble items in store if needed.

If you are a first-time seller with Tadpoles, we recommend you bring less than 100 pieces of clothing (one or two laundry baskets) in order to get an idea of our pricing.

How we pay you out:

We pay you cash when you pick up the items we are unable to accept.
You will receive between 20% and 40% of our initial selling price.
Your offer is based on all items we accept and is not itemized.
Our computer system does not allow us to remove individual items from your offer, so please do not bring items that you don't want to sell.
You will be given a time to return to pick up your items & your cash. Due to the high volume of sellers each day, we are not able to call you when your items are ready.
You may accept or reject our offer during buying hours on the day you are scheduled to pick up your items.
After the day you are scheduled to return, unpurchased items will be donated and purchased items tagged. Your cash will remain in the system for you to spend at any time or receive as a cash payout during buying hours.

TIP: If this is your first time in to sell to us, you may want to visit our store to get an idea of how much we are able to sell things for and therefore, have an idea of what we may be able to pay you.

Remember...the better your clothes look, the higher price we will be able to put on them and the more you will receive for them!

Should I bring my items to Tadpoles?

Take a good, long look at each item you're bringing and ask yourself, "why am I interested in selling this item?"

If the answer is:
-It's more than 2 or 3 years old
-It's worn out/stained
-It needs repair
-It looks dated or out of style
-It's not very good quality
-I just want all this old stuff out of my closet!
-I couldn't sell it at my yard sale/the consignment sale/the other two consignment stores I took it to, so I thought I would bring it to you before I take it to Goodwill.
-It's been in storage for several years and I just want it gone.

Stop!! Shoppers would feel the same way you do about these things so it's unlikely Tadpoles will accept them. You might consider making a charitable donation of these garments.

See You At Tadpoles!




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